Common Git workflows

Git is a powerful tool, but it can be quite confusing. There are a lot of commands to remember, and resolving conflicts is just a complicated concept in general. In this exercise, you'll learn the most common and easiest to use workflow for Git within VS Code.

  • Modify both of the meta tag descriptions in the "index.html" file

  • Stage both files

  • Commit both files

  • Push changes to Github

  • Open the "index.html" file

  • Highlight "I LOVE LAMP" on line 7 and press Cmd/Ctrl + D to add a cursor to the second instance on the line below.

  • Change the value to "I love lamp"

  • Open the Source Control Explorer view (Ctrl + Shift + G)

  • Click the "+" button next to the "index.html" file to stage it

  • Add a message to the "Message" box and press Cmd/Ctrl + Enter

  • Undo the commit by pressing the ellipsis in the top right corner and select "Undo Last Commit"

  • Change the commit message to "Better description"

  • Press Cmd/Ctrl + Enter to commit

  • Use the button the bottom status bar to push changes to your repo

  • Open the Settings file (Cmd/Ctrl + ,)

  • Add the following line so that VS Code can automatically tell you how many commits you are ahead of or behind the repo.

"git.autofetch": true