Common Git workflows
Git is a powerful tool, but it can be quite confusing. There are a lot of commands to remember, and resolving conflicts is just a complicated concept in general. In this exercise, you'll learn the most common and easiest to use workflow for Git within VS Code.
    Modify both of the meta tag descriptions in the "index.html" file
    Stage both files
    Commit both files
    Push changes to Github
    Open the "index.html" file
    Highlight "I LOVE LAMP" on line 7 and press Cmd/Ctrl + D to add a cursor to the second instance on the line below.
    Change the value to "I love lamp"
    Open the Source Control Explorer view (Ctrl + Shift + G)
    Click the "+" button next to the "index.html" file to stage it
    Add a message to the "Message" box and press Cmd/Ctrl + Enter
    Undo the commit by pressing the ellipsis in the top right corner and select "Undo Last Commit"
    Change the commit message to "Better description"
    Press Cmd/Ctrl + Enter to commit
    Use the button the bottom status bar to push changes to your repo
    Open the Settings file (Cmd/Ctrl + ,)
    Add the following line so that VS Code can automatically tell you how many commits you are ahead of or behind the repo.
"git.autofetch": true
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