Debugging Docker containers
Sometimes, you have code running in a container that is not working. In that case, it's useful to be able to debug the application as it's running inside of the container. VS Code provides the correct Docker configuration to do this.
    Build the container with the "debug.docker-compose.yml" file
    Add a launch configuration for Docker
    Attach the debugger to the running container
    Set a breakpoint in the "routes/index.js" file
    Visit the app in the browser, change the color and click the button
    See the debugger break at the breakpoint
    Open the Command Palette(Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + P)
    Select "Docker: Compose Up"
    Select the "start" project from the prompt
    Select the "debug.docker-compose.yml" file from the prompt
    Open the Debug Explorer view (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + D)
    Open the dropdown list at the top and select "Add Config (start)"
    Select "Docker: Node.js" from the prompt
    Take the default Docker Remote Route prompt
    VS Code will add a ".vscode" folder to the "start" project. In that folder will be a file called "launch.config"
    Open the Debug Explorer View
    Make sure "Docker: Attach to Node" is selected and press the green arrow
    VS Code attaches the debugger
    Open the "routes/index.js" file in the "start" project
    Add a breakpoint to line 12
    View the app in the browser running on port 3000
    Change the color and click the "Go" button
    VS Code will break on line 12 of the "index.js" file inside of the Docker container
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