Editor tweaks

You can make some tweaks to the visual components of the editor to increase the available space and improve legibility.

Turn off the Minimap

This is the little navigation bar that sits next to your code.

It's supposed to give you a heads up display so that you can easily navigate through long files. I find the fact that I can't read it makes it unusable. I find that most people feel this same way. I recommend turning this off as there is a high likelihood that you don't use it and it's just taking up space.

Besides, there are other ways (better and faster ways) to find things in your code which we'll discuss later in this workshop.

Turn it off.

  • Open Settings (Cmd/Ctrl + ,)

  • Search for "Minimap"

  • Uncheck the "Editor > Minimap: Enabled" setting

Move Sidebar Right

The Sidebar is on the left by default. Having it on the right makes it easier to keep your eyes on your code when expanding and collapsing it (which you will do a lot).

  • Open the Command Palette (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + P)

  • Select "Toggle Sidebar Position"

Hide Open Editors

By default, VS Code has a section in the File Explorer called "Open Editors". These are the files that you currently have open.

It's quicker to navigate to files with the File Switcher (Cmd/Ctrl + P). The Open Editors section just takes up valuable space in the File Explorer. Turn it off.

  • Open Settings (Cmd/Ctrl + ,)

  • Search for "open editors visible"

  • Set the "Explorer > Open Editors: Visible" to 0

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