Working with MongoDB

MongoDB is a popular document database that is commonly used in JavaScript applications. The project in the "start" folder has been modified to write values to a MongoDB database. That database doesn't exist. You'll need to create it, run the application a few times, and then query it to ensure that there are records being saved.
  • Open the Cosmos DB extension
  • Connect to "mongodb://mongo"
  • Create a new database called "lamp"
  • Create a new collection called "colors"
  • Run the application with npm start
  • Change the colors a few times
  • Open a new Mongo DB scrapbook
  • Query the "colors" collection to see the records
  • Open the Cosmos DB extension by clicking on the Azure icon in the Activity Bar
  • Expand the "Attached Database Accounts" node
  • Select "Attach Database Account"
  • Select MongoDB from the prompt
  • In the prompt, enter "mongodb://mongo"
  • Expand the newly attached local Mongo DB database
  • Right-click the newly attached MongoDB database and select "Create Database"
  • Name the database "lamp" in the prompt
  • Enter "colors" for the collection name in the prompt
  • Open the Integrated Terminal (Cmd/Ctrl + `)
  • Run the application with npm start
  • Browse to "localhost:3000"
  • Change the color a few times and click the "Go" button
  • Make sure you repeat this process a few times
  • Return to VS Code and look in the Cosmos DB extension
  • Expand the "lamp" database and "colors" collection
  • Each document listed inside is one of the colors that was saved from the app
  • Click on one of the documents to open it in the editor
  • Change the "color" value and save the document with (Cmd/Ctrl + S)
  • VS Code will prompt you that it's going to save this record back to the database
  • Select "Upload"
  • The document is saved back to Mongo DB
  • Open the Command Palette (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + P)
  • Select "Cosmos DB: New Mongo Scrapbook"
  • Begin writing a new query by typing "db" and then hitting the period. Notice that VS Code has intellisense for any collections or methods available.
  • Select "colors" from the list
  • Type a find query for the colors collection
  • Execute the query with Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + '
  • View the query results in split pane mode
  • Change the color in the first record
  • Save the document with Cmd/Ctrl + S
  • Select "Upload" from the prompt
  • The changes are persisted to Mongo DB