Working with MongoDB
MongoDB is a popular document database that is commonly used in JavaScript applications. The project in the "start" folder has been modified to write values to a MongoDB database. That database doesn't exist. You'll need to create it, run the application a few times, and then query it to ensure that there are records being saved.
    Open the Cosmos DB extension
    Connect to "mongodb://mongo"
    Create a new database called "lamp"
    Create a new collection called "colors"
    Run the application with npm start
    Change the colors a few times
    Open a new Mongo DB scrapbook
    Query the "colors" collection to see the records
    Open the Cosmos DB extension by clicking on the Azure icon in the Activity Bar
    Expand the "Attached Database Accounts" node
    Select "Attach Database Account"
    Select MongoDB from the prompt
    In the prompt, enter "mongodb://mongo"
    Expand the newly attached local Mongo DB database
    Right-click the newly attached MongoDB database and select "Create Database"
    Name the database "lamp" in the prompt
    Enter "colors" for the collection name in the prompt
    Open the Integrated Terminal (Cmd/Ctrl + `)
    Run the application with npm start
    Browse to "localhost:3000"
    Change the color a few times and click the "Go" button
    Make sure you repeat this process a few times
    Return to VS Code and look in the Cosmos DB extension
    Expand the "lamp" database and "colors" collection
    Each document listed inside is one of the colors that was saved from the app
    Click on one of the documents to open it in the editor
    Change the "color" value and save the document with (Cmd/Ctrl + S)
    VS Code will prompt you that it's going to save this record back to the database
    Select "Upload"
    The document is saved back to Mongo DB
    Open the Command Palette (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + P)
    Select "Cosmos DB: New Mongo Scrapbook"
    Begin writing a new query by typing "db" and then hitting the period. Notice that VS Code has intellisense for any collections or methods available.
    Select "colors" from the list
    Type a find query for the colors collection
    Execute the query with Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + '
    View the query results in split pane mode
    Change the color in the first record
    Save the document with Cmd/Ctrl + S
    Select "Upload" from the prompt
    The changes are persisted to Mongo DB
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