Create a new function in the container

Developing in remote containers is just like developing on your own machine. Add a new endpoint to the API to make the light change rapidly.
  • Add a new Function with the Azure Functions extension
  • Call it "danceDance"
  • Set the light color to a random hex value
  • Restart the project with the VS Code debugger
  • Visit the danceDance endpoint and refresh your browser
  • Open the Command Palette (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + P)
  • Select "Azure Functions: Create Function"
  • Select "HTTPTrigger" from the prompt
  • Name the function "danceDance"
  • Select "anonymous" at the next prompt
  • A new Function is created in a folder called "danceDance"
  • The Function code file is automatically opened in VS Code
  • Delete all the code from this "index.js" file and replace it with the following
const bulb = require("../bulb");
module.exports = async function(context, req) {
// generate random hex color
// taken from:
const hex = Math.floor(Math.random() * 16777215).toString(16);
try {
const result = await bulb.setColor(hex);
context.res = {
body: { color: hex }
} catch (err) {
context.res = {
body: { message: "LIFX Lamp API is unavailable" }
  • Press F5 to run the Function app
  • Visit "http://localhost:7071/api/danceDance" and refresh the page as many times as you want