Remote Development

Note that this section requires Docker to be installed locally on your machine. Additionally, you will need the Remote Development extension pack. These extensions are installed as part of the VS Code Can Do That extension pack.

Remote development is one of the newest and most exciting features of VS Code.

Developers have historically struggled against their environments. Code needs a properly configured environment to run, and configuration can be confusing and time consuming. This struggle is replicated whenever a new developer tries to onboard to a library, framework or project.

In this section, you'll learn how to use Remote Development Containers to isolate complex environments and ship them with your code. This allows you and anyone else who wants to work on the code base to instantly get up and running without having to configure their environment.

You will be working in the "exercise-6-remote-development" folder. This project will ask you to open the workspace file. Make sure you select "Open Workspace"

You may also see a warning about "Multiple Functions Projects". You can safely ignore this warning and close the notification.

Note that while there is Remote Development for SSH, Containers and WSL, this section of exercises only covers Containers.

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